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Since I began devloping websites, I have gotten a chance to work with people in a variety of fields. Different fields require extremely different websites, and this has given me experience in developing a variety of sites - from simple one page portfolio sites, to more extensive sites for business.

Please click on any of the images below to see more details about the project, a link to the completed site, and testimonials.

Leigh-Anne Power Interior Design

A " one-page " portfolio based site.

Being an interior designer, Leigh-anne wanted a home for all of her projects and designs, a place where she could direct potential customers, and show off her talent. The site had to be sleek and elegant and reflect the attention to detail of her work

The design for the site was quite simple, and brought to life by using beautiful photos of her past projects, steering the viewer's to her work as opposed to cumbersome, flashy web design.

From Leigh-Anne

"From the minute that I met Stefano I was at ease with him due to his wonderful personality. His knowledge, creativity and the (tons of!) patience that he shown me has been incredibly helpful throughout the journey to the brilliant end result. He listened and remembered all that I required. I love my website, it is everything that I hoped for and more, thank you so much Stefano! "

Phil McNally Interior Design

Photography and Web design

Upon meeting Phil she was happy to entrust the design of the site to me as she had plenty of clients keeping her busy! Phil had very few photos of her previous work and organised for me to visit her past clients and photograph her work. It turned out to be extremely lucrative as I could capture the shots that I knew would work well with the sites design.

My main goal was to design a site which was as unintrusive as possible, allowing the photographs to shine. This was done through use a gentle background texture which worked in harmony with a soft lilac.

Chez Sara Malahide

Web Design, Photography & Menu Editor

Chez Sara Malahide is a French/Mediteranian Bistro in Malahide. The site was re-designed keeping with it's previous colour scheme featuring a deep red. The site has a comprehensive system allowing the manager to update each of their different menus as they change.

Chez Sara had previously had a video professionally made showing off the restaurant and some of their dishes. Visitors of the site are immediately greeted by a background video featuring mouthwatering shots of some delicious food which will have you immediately clicking on the big "Book Now" button!

The Westbury Club Malahide

Photography, Web Design, CMS

The Westbury Club Malahide is a 30 year old snooker, pool, gaming and casino business. The site required a lot of content spread across each of the above sectors. I visited the venue and photographed all of the various amusements. The site required a content management system (CMS), so the managers could keep their customers informed of promotions and events.

The site was designed using a rich red and deep black, matching the iconic casino/card colours. Dynamic content can be added to the site through a mangement webpage allowing managers to show available casino/card tables on the homepage for their customers, without having to touch the code of the website.

From the Manager

"The assistance and support we received was excellent. Everything is straightforward and very user friendly! We got a totally new website and at any given time, our customers can see exactly what's happening in our business. Updating it is so easy - we can even do it on our phones!

We are very happy with the choice we made and would recommend Stefano's service to other businesses as well!"